Hot to Trot Dog Walking

Home Visits vs Boarding


 So you're planning a trip but unfortunately you can't take your beloved pet.  You want to know they are in good hands.  You have a decision to make.  Do you board or do you have Hot to Trot Dog Walking come to your home and care for your pet in your place.  You know your pet best to know what's best for your pet.  Home care may be the best choice for you if your pet is elderly and used to his own surroundings.  Blindness or deafness can make a new situation scary.  Elderly pets may enjoy the quietness of being at home, in their own familiar surroundings.  You may feel more comfortable knowing the exact schedule and times your pet is crated, and knowing personally who the caregiver is.  We will send you daily updates, pictures and videos of your pet.  

    When your pet is visited by Hot to Trot Dog Walking they get complete individual attention.  They aren't competing with any other pets.  If you have specific instructions to do something exactly the way you do it, we will.  We are your hands when your away.  Loving your pet as if you were there yourself.

    An important added bonus is your home is not empty during your time away.  We check the area to ensure it's secure.  We are watching for pipe breaks or any thing that could damage your home.  We are adjusting blinds and lights.  Bringing in mail and newspapers.  Your home will look lived in, deterring criminal activity.


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