Hot to Trot Dog Walking


Observed Holidays... New Year's Eve, New Years Day, Christmas, July 4th, Thanksgiving. 

Business hours... 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday, weekends and after hours available.

Payment for services are due before or at the time services are rendered.  We are happy to take cash, checks or you may pay by credit card with our safe web based payment program (Time to Pet)

In the case of severe weather our policy is to make every effort to get to your home and take your pet out to potty and verify their safety.  Appointment times may need to be adjusted.  We will play inside with your pet to get their exercise.  If the weather is so severe... i.e., tropical storm, road closure, worst weather ever we will contact your listed emergency neighbor and request they check on your pet.  We will notify you of the situation. Your account will be credited.

Daily visit cards...  For our regularly scheduled pets, Your sitter will leave a card to let you know how the visit went that day.  We also text you after each visit with an adorable picture of your pet.  If there is a situation that needs your quick attention we can text, email or call you with the details, per your preference.

Cancellations...  We understand schedules change.  We appreciate as much notice as you can give.  Just catch us before we head over.  Thank you for your understanding of this matter.

Hot to Trot Dog Walking LLC; Jacksonville, Florida 32250 904-586-5223; email
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