Hot to Trot Dog Walking

Why Choose Us?

    Your friends at Hot to Trot Dog Walking care about animals.  We treat them like our very own.  Each pet is appreciated for who they are and their own personality is embraced.  We look for that little sparkle in their eyes and only use positive reinforcement.

    Along with giving your pet love, we are focused on safety.  Ask us about our steps in place to be prepared for most any situation.  We aren't just the neighborhood child next door dropping by.  We are professionals, licensed, insured and bonded.  If anything happens to your pet, or your pet injures another pet our insurance handles it.  If your home is damaged by anything concerning us, our insurance is there.

    We at Hot to Trot Dog Walking are continually trying to improve our pet knowledge via trusted resources.  We are pursuing certifications and additional training to offer more services to our customers.  ASPCA is an organization we trust and refer to often for advice.


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