Our Services

New Puppy Training

This is the lesson for you if you want to make sure you know everything a new puppy owner should know. We'll cover meeting new people, animals, house training, basic manners, loose leash walking, chewing and so much more. The earlier the better!!


If as a puppy your dog wasn't exposed to a variety of experiences, in a positive way, he most likely will show fear when those experiences happen. Think of his reaction to bikes, fireworks, storms, kids and different types of people in different uniforms. Making this better takes time and commitment but is so worth it.

Changing Unwanted Behaviors

Dogs learn by association. They learn how to behave from what they got away with as a puppy. This often creates behavior problems starting at about 18 weeks. The unwanted behaviors won't go away on their own. These behaviors are limitless and include jumping, chewing, barking, running away, counter surfing and pulling.

Fun Stuff

So you have a wonderful, friendly dog without any behavior problems, YAY!! That is super. Would you like to teach him something fun? Frisbee, swimming or whatever! Whatever you can imagine we can work towards.

Hospice Care

Pets make our life warm and loving. At the end of their life we are faced with some tough decisions to make. We are suggesting an alternative to euthanasia. We offer ideas to reduce pain and make the last days pleasant for your dog or cat.

Improve Your Dogs Life

We come to you with lots of ideas to make your dogs life interesting, challenging and fun. This in turn makes your life better. Using what you have at home, right now, we can come up with a variety of challenges for your dog. Then you can eventually build up your dog-toy tool kit.